It is appeared As one of the fastest growing companies in the contracting and construction sector, with specified Attitudes and interests , as INMAEYUN FOR CONTRACTING for contracting was known with its effective and creative ability to develop solutions to suit the needs of its market. The INMAEYUN FOR CONTRACTING were characterized by the methodology of work and accuracy of completion, which enabled it to continue to implement several large projects in the Saudi market. INMAEYUN FOR CONTRACTING fulfilled the needs this market and its expansion requirements and growth indicators that strongly emphasize the growing demand in the contracting and construction sector


Structure works

Such as carpentry, iron-smithing, buildings, insulation and related works, starting with the surveying to determine the dimensions of the project, the levels of drilling on the ground, the foundation works for technical foundations, with qualifed technical personnel and the engineering supervision and follow-up. The structure works also include the supply of building materials, concrete and iron, according to approved specifcations and subject to continuous testing and measurement, to ensure that they conform to specifcations and quality.

Turnkey Works

Plementation of the entire project works in all stages, from engineering design, structural work , plumbing and electricity, and all interior and exterior fnishing works. In addition to supplying all fnishing materials for all works, according to the approved specifcations. All stages of implementation are subject to direct and precise engineering supervision to achieve the highest accuracy and quality in execution, according to the approved drawings.

Quality and Safety

The company has developed and implemented an integrated quality and safety management system for all its activities in line with the latest internationally standards which are internationally recognized and issued by the ISO International Quality Management System (ISO2015 :9001) and the British Standards Institute BSI (OHSAS 2007 :18001) for occupational safety and health standards.

The quality management and integrated safety management system demonstrates the ability of development engineers to carry out their services and work at a high level of quality, and leads them to strive constantly to meet the wishes of customers and anticipate them, and always work to satisfy their needs and continuous improvement

Taking into account occupational safety and health at work sites and protect their human and Physical resources and property of their customers from risks and disasters, and thus are consistent with the laws and regulations governing their business. The company has been successfully tested and evaluated by ( SIS CERT) company which approved and certifed by the US Accreditation Agency (IAS). It has successfully completed its audit and evaluation process and has received international recognition certifcates issued by the International Organization for Standardization of Quality Management, and the British Standards Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Standards

Holders of International Quality Certificate

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